June 10 - August 12

The Domain Beyond the Territory

Martha Apsaq
Shuvinai Ashoona
Shary Boyle
Jim Holyoak
Benjamin Klein
Maskull Lasserre
Kent Monkman
Dana Velan
Ripley Whiteside
Vanessa Yanow

963 rue Rachel Est
Montreal QC H2J 2J4








Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain is proud to present The Domain Beyond the Territory. This exhibition brings together a group of artists who explore, interpret and challenge the meaning of territories and boundaries.

... In that Empire, the Art of Cartography attained such Perfection that the map of a single Province occupied the entirety of a City, and the map of the Empire, the entirety of a Province. In time, those Unconscionable Maps no longer satisfied, and the Cartographers Guilds struck a Map of the Empire whose size was that of the Empire, and which coincided point for point with it. The following Generations, who were not so fond of the Study of Cartography as their Forebears had been, saw that that vast Map was Useless, and not without some Pitilessness was it, that they delivered it up to the Inclemencies of Sun and Winters. In the Deserts of the West, still today, there are Tattered Ruins of that Map, inhabited by Animals and Beggars; in all the Land there is no other Relic of the Disciplines of Geography. 

Suárez Miranda, Viajes de varones prudentes, Libro IV, Cap. XLV, Lérida, 1658 

From Borges, J. L. 1998. On exactitude in science. P. 325, In, Jorge Luis Borges, Collected Fictions (Trans. Hurley, H.) Penguin Books. 

Martha Apsaq (1930-1995)
Composition (Faces & Heads)
duffel, felt, embroidery floss
63.5 x 57 cm. (25” x 22.5”)

Shuvinai Ashoona
ink on paper
51 x 66 cm. (20" x 26”)

Shuvinai Ashoona (b. 1961) began to draw in the early 1990s. Although never formally trained, Ashoona's family and the Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset have provided her with a creative atmosphere. Her grandmother is the renowned artist Pitseolak Ashoona and her father is sculptor Kiawak Ashoona.

In the past Ashoona's work tended to focus on the Arctic landscape. Today, her work explores a new dynamism through compositions that depict human figures and other creatures with cleverly hidden imagery, and utilizes a wide colour spectrum. The evolution in Ashoona's artistic style points to a highly developed artistic sensibility. Her often unusual and imaginative creatures, animals, and monsters are balanced by a very careful and detailed drawing technique. Her work is comprised of both the elements of her community environment as well as the personal world of her own imagination.

Represented in numerous group and solo exhibitions in Canada, her work has been included in several international exhibitions, such as Basel, Switzerland's 'City Sky' (2008), the Sydney Biennale (2012), and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art's major exhibition "Oh, Canada" (2012). She is a leading contemporary Canadian artist and is in numerous collections of major art institutions, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the BMO Financial Group, the Canada Council Art Bank, the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the Fidelity Investments Corporate Art Collection, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, the MacKenzie Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Canada, the TD Bank Group, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

- Shuvinai Ashoona's artist website

Shary Boyle
Ink and gouache on paper
30.5 x 40.5 cm. (12” x 16”)
Shary Boyle
New Palette
Ink and gouache on paper
30.5 x 40.5 cm. (12” x 16”)
Shary Boyle
The Sculptress
Ink and gouache on paper
30.5 x 40.5 cm. (12” x 16”)

Shary Boyle works across diverse media, including sculpture, drawing, installation and performance, and is exhibited and collected internationally. In 2015 she collaborated with Shuvinai Ashoona to present Universal Cobra at PFOAC, as well as performing at the Luminato Festival and the National Gallery of Canada. Boyle's work toured in Ceramix : Ceramics and art from Rodin to Schutte, organized by the Bonnefantenmuseum in the Netherlands and France.

In 2017, she curated and participated in the Esker Foundation-produced touring exhibition Earthlings, while her sculptures were featured in South Korea’s Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, and the Suzanne Bierderberg Gallery in Amsterdam. Boyle’s first public art commission will be installed in Spring 2018 outside of the Gardiner Ceramic Museum in Toronto. Collected and exhibited internationally, Shary Boyle represented Canada with her project Music for Silence at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013.

- Shary Boyle's artist website

Jim Holyoak
Endless Tangle
68.5 x 137 cm. (27” x 54”)
Jim Holyoak
(L-R) Flatey Island Iceland, 2014 / Dale Norway, 2012 / Lofoten Norway, 2014 / Alvik Norway, 2012 / Dale Norway (2), 2012 / Eyjafjordur Iceland, 2014.
ink and watercolour on paper
Variable dimensions

Jim Holyoak is a Montréal-based drawer (born in Michigan, raised in BC.) His discipline is comprised of book-works and room-sized installations, focusing on ecology, animals, geologic time, and the monstrous. In parallel to his solo practice, Holyoak has orchestrated numerous collaborative projects, sometimes involving hundreds of people drawing together. His work has circulated widely in Europe and North America, and was recently featured in Border Crossing magazine (Issue 113: We Are Monsters.) Holyoak’s 500-page, Book of Nineteen Nocturnes, will be on view this September at Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. It is about a wandering, nocturnal, wooden monster, named Book.

- Jim Holyoak's artist website

Benjamin Klein
One Way Or Another
oil on canvas
152 x 127 cm. (60” x 50”)
Benjamin Klein
oil on canvas
76 x 91 cm. (30” x 36”)

Benjamin Klein was born in Chicago and is a Montreal-based artist, writer and independent curator. He holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from the University of Guelph. He has exhibited his work across Canada, in the US, UK and Germany. 

- Benjamin Klein's artist website

Maskull Lasserre
The Return
graphite on paper
35.6 x 43.2 cm (14" x 17”)

Maskull Lasserre spent his formative years in South Africa before returning to Canada. He has a BFA in Visual Art and Philosophy from Mount Allison University, and an MFA in Studio Art from Concordia University.

Maskull’s work has been exhibited at Banksy's Dismaland, and at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. He has held visiting artist positions at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, at Kohler Art/Industry and with the Canadian Armed Forces. His work appears on Canadian coinage and is represented in collections in Canada, the US, and Europe including those of the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and the Canadian War Museum. He has taught sessionally at Concordia, York, and Emily Carr Universities, as well as at the California College of Art. 

Maskull’s drawings and sculptures explore the unexpected potential of the everyday by inducing strangeness in the familiar, and provoking uncertainty in the expected. Each work is developed as a model to mediate the translation of experience between matter and mind. 

- Maskull Lasserre's artist website
- Artist page of Maskull Lasserre on the gallery website.

Kent Monkman
Study for the Chase
Acrylic on canvas
61 x 91 cm. (24" x 36”)
Kent Monkman
Sisters & Brothers 2015
HD video
3 min
Produced by the National Film Board of Canada

Kent Monkman is a Canadian artist of Cree ancestry who works with a variety of mediums, including painting, film/video, performance, and installation. He has had solo exhibitions in numerous Canadian museums including the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto, the Winnipeg Art Gallery, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. He has participated in various international group exhibitions including: The American West, at Compton Verney, in Warwickshire, England, Remember Humanity at Witte de With, Rotterdam, the 2010 Sydney Biennale, and Oh Canada!, MASS MOCA. The Musée d’art contemporain de Rochechouart in France presented his first solo Museum exhibition in Europe in 2014. Kent has worked for the last two years on Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience a major touring exhibition which started at the University of Toronto Art Museum. Currently also on view at the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery are the works of his Four Continents shown together for the first time. His work is represented in numerous public and private collections including the National Gallery of Canada, the Denver Art Museum, Musée d’art contemporain de Rochechouart, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, la Fondation de la Maison Rouge (Paris), the Musée d’art contemporain de Montreal, Rideau Hall, Leonard and Bina Ellen Art Gallery, the Glenbow Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Claridge, BMO Financial Group and the RBC Art Collection. 

- Kent Monkman's artist website
- Artist page of Kent Monkman on the gallery website.

Dana Velan
Many Roads
ink and watercolour on paper
76 x 102 cm. (30” x 40”)

Dana Velan, an artist living and working in Montreal, Canada, left her native Czecho-Slovakia during the political turmoil of 1968. She earned a degree in Art History at McGill University and a degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University in Montreal, and her MFA at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University, Boston, Massachusets. Velan's artistic practice is formed by the perception of nature as a site of transformation. The creation of her new series of drawings titled Nebulae of large scale (90"x126", and oil sticks on Mylar medium), involved a close observation of numerous astronomical photographs depicting nebulas, such as the Eagle, the Orion and the Crab nebulas. These images were used as a starting point to craft free interpretations. Giving the impression that these images could spread infinitely outside of the frames, these drawings when presented together in an exhibition space, envelop the visitors in a universe filled with the movement, energy, darkness and light, and encourage us to reflect on our own inner landscape. Blending together inner and external landscapes without giving the coordinate system leaves the images open to a number of unknown meditations.

- Dana Velan's artist website

Ripley Whiteside
At the Littoral Zone
walnut ink on paper
226 x 150 cm. (89” x 59”)

Ripley Whiteside graduated with a BFA from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in 2008, and earned a MFA from the State University of New York-Buffalo in 2012. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada, and is the recipient of various grants and residencies.

- Ripley Whiteside's artist website

Vanessa Yanow
Two Spools
digital embroidery, flame worked glass, copper wire and vintage fabric
35.6 x 35.6 x 3.8 cm. (14” x 14” x 1.5”)
Vanessa Yanow
Nested Intentions
digital and hand embroidery, flame worked glass, copper wire, flock, vintage tea towel and fabrics
51 x 65 x 8 xm. (20” x 25.5” x 3”)

Vanessa Yanow is a Montreal artist who works primarily with textiles, flame worked glass and found objects. She experiments with many materials, pushing the boundaries of traditional techniques and claiming the importance of playfulness as an inherent part of her processes. Vanessa has lived and worked in many parts of Europe, and has traveled extensively throughout Asia and North and West Africa. Her varied lifestyles and accumulated experiences inform her work without defining it. She has received numerous grants and scholarships, and been reviewed and featured in many North American publications as an exceptional fine craftsperson, but her BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design points the way back to a grounding in the visual arts, lending her work a unique strength that defies categorisation. Her work has been shown in museums in Canada, and in galleries and art fairs internationally. Her works are part of the city of Montreal’s permanent collection and Le Musée National des Beaux Arts in Québec City. Vanessa works out of the Long Haul Studios – A visual art workspace and gallery that she co-founded in 2001. 

- Vanessa Yanow's artist website