bien dans sa peau

Johannes Zitz: Bien dans sa peau

February 23 - March 30, 2002



Johannes Zits's work explores the idea of transgression as it relates to both public and private spaces. His images attempt to challenge the viewer, and to make us question how these spaces are defined, mediated, and consumed. This body of work has developed from his interest in the representations of intimacy, the body, and mass media. Lifestyle and interior design magazines are of particular interest to the artist, who is fascinated by the ways in which they expose private living spaces for public consumption. Privacy becomes spectacle in the same way that sexual acts become pornography when they are made public; both have the intention to tease and tantalize. In his work, Johannes Zits combines porn and interior design iconography into unconventional domestic scenes.

Over the past four years Johannes has been painting figures onto digitized interiors that have been appropriated from magazines. For his first solo exhibition at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain, the artist will present a new series of works where he has added collage to the painted figures. The collage material comes from a wide variety of sources, such as a flyer from a local grocer or an ad for a telephone chat-line. For some of the works he has painted directly onto the pages of interior design magazines. Other pieces have been enlarged in order to emphasize the dot screen pattern of the original printed source.

Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain will present concurrently the most recent video by Johannes Zits entitled Guys Night In. The video was produced for a residency at Trinity Square Video in Toronto and premiered last fall at the TransTech Video Festival. For this time-based work, Johannes has applied a similar collage technique to the guests attending a potluck party. Through a combination of images and sounds we can glimpse at what is being thought, mediated and consumed. What can happen while doing the dishes on a hot summer night?


Johannes Zits, Red Room
acrylic and collage on magazine page, 38.6 cm x 48.8cm 2002, $900
Johannes Zits, Vases
acrylic and collage on magazine page. 38.6 x 48.8cm 2002, $900
Johannes Zits, Aux puces
acrylic and collage on magazine page, 38.6cm x 48.8cm. 2002, $900
Johannes Zits, Plaid Couch, acrylic and collage on magazine page, 2002, 80.5cm x 106cm


Johannes Zits, Corbusier chaise longue, acrylic and collage on magazine page, 2002, 170.5cm x 126.5cm Johannes Zits, Wonidee, acrylic and collage on magazine page Johannes Zits, Blue male with computer, 2002, mixed media on paper, 20" x 26" (framed)



Poster project in Amsterdam Fall 2002: ROZE FILMDAGEN. Guerrilla-billboard-arttproject called "homo-erotic figures set into appropriated settings from interior design styled home environments" by Johannes Zits. 500 posters will be stuck around town, and the project will continue in his home town of Toronto.

Le degré zéro de l'intériorité: Article by Nicolas Mavrikas, in Voir - 14 March 2002 p. 49.

Video-interview with the artist on, 23 Feruary 2002.  


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