Johannes Zitz: The Berlin Suite et oeuvres d'Attila Richard Lukacs

April 21 - May 22, 2004



Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Johannes Zits, and selected works by Attila Richard Lukacs. Johannes Zits recent work entitled: "The Berlin Suite" is a series of photo-based pieces produced by Johannes Zits during a recent artist residency in Berlin, Germany. This work was first presented at The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto 2003. "The Berlin Suite" was developed from a series of photographs taken in the apartments of friends living there. The artist states:

"I am dealing with intimacy but I don't think that the sexual orientation of the people in these pieces is of paramount importance. The pieces speak more about my own formal concerns. The background layer is a photo that has been blown up in the printing process to reveal its digital composition. Looking at the background close up one sees how the computer has organized the information of the interiors into squares of colours. The digital photo situates the work specifically to our contemporary times. It is also juxtaposed to two other formal elements that bring in historical references. The dot screen pattern that makes up the figures alludes to the art of the sixties (Liechtenstein, Warhol and Johns) and the painted element pays homage to the art from the beginning of the last century. Both of these historical time periods signify the beginnings of liberalization, profound changes and outpourings of ideas and concepts. Does my work suggest that we are also living in a period of great changes and flux? It is a question I am leaving for the viewers to contemplate.

The other things I want to mention is that the three different elements that I have combined are deliberately not pure or straightforward. The figures have been collaged into the given space, the work is neither a photograph nor a painting, and in the painted elements you can see the brush stroke contradicting a supposed style that I am paying homage to." - Johannes Zits

This is Johannes Zits second exhibition at Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain. His first show "Bien dans sa peau" was highlighted in Spirale (2002), which featured an extensive portfolio of images. Last year, his work was included in the biennal Manif D`art in Quebéc city curated by Bernard Lamarche.

In addition to Johannes Zits were are also pleased to announce a special presentation of Attila Richard Lukacs in collaboration with Lehmann Leskiw and Schedler Fine art. The gallery will be exhibiting two small paintings and "Boy With Green Arms", 1998, a large-format paper work. Pierre-François Ouellette art contemporain would like to extend special thanks to Lehmann Leskiw and Schedler Fine art for their collaboration.


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Attila Richard Lukacs, Speechless, 1997
huile sur toile
24 x 20 inches
Attila Richard Lukacs, Oi, 1997
huile sur toile
20 x 18 inches
Attila Richard Lukacs, Boy,
oil on wood
Attila Richard Lukacs, Living with art,
2002, acrylic paint on photo print,


Johannes Zits, Toby's Bed, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 63.5 X 85 cm Johannes Zits, The TV Room, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 92 X 82 cm Johannes Zits, Dinning/Sitting Room Combo, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 67 X 60 cm Johannes Zits, Borrowed Vacuum Cleaner, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 73 x 80 cm


Johannes Zits, On the Floor, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 100 x 151 cm Johannes Zits, Self Portrait, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 46 X 76 cm, edition of 3 Johannes Zits, Two Monitors, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 114 x 102 cm Johannes Zits, Mom's Black TV, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 53 x 44 cm


Johannes Zits, Shoes, 2002, acrylic paint on photo print, 73 x 72 cm



Queer Summer: I don`t know about you, but who am I? Alte feuerwache > projektraum, 16 Juli -28. August 2004


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