Karilee Fuglem: Some day soon you'll stop searching for meaning

May 11 - June 23, 2002



Pierre François Ouellette Art contemporainis pleased to present Some day soon you'll stop searching for meaning, an exhibition of new work by Karilee Fuglem

“Outside my studio there's a corner where the wind eddies bits of things about, tossing bags and newspapers, leaves and cigarette butts against my window, startling me. Peripheral life has that way of giving an occasional instructive jolt. Inside that studio I've been preoccupied with what I call invisible drawings, even though they're not quite invisible, not necessarily drawings, but are a struggle to see and so to make. When something is barely visible, it can heighten awareness of what is and how it reaches us, the bodily echo of the visual. Between "What's that?" and "I think I saw!" there's a flash of comprehension that defies naming. Distant office buildings that a moment ago were afire with the setting sun now mingle in the darkness with my stuff twinned and floating out there, a room turned inside out. Why insist on seeing things one way? Reflection - both kinds - merges one view with another, so you’re seeing and unseeing at the same time, moving with the light.” Karilee Fuglem, May 2002

Originally from Southern BC, Karilee Fuglem has made her home in Montreal since moving here to pursue an MFA at Concordia University in 1989. She works towards making art that can elicit a visceral response through visual means "to give the body a chance to participate in the construction of meaning." Recently in Montreal she presented the photographic installation Topographic Introspective in the exhibition uncanny at La Centrale in February, and a remake of Untitled (la chambre) at B312 last September, first installed in the apartment exhibition resider in 1995. Her installation Cumulous was shown at the Dunlop Gallery in Regina last year, and at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in 2000; also in 2000 Evidence at Plein Sud in Laval;  le mur qui respire at La chambre blanche in Quebec City and over + fluff at articule, in 1997, je vous connais at Galerie Samuel Lallouz and nothing between at Optica in 1996. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions, notably CIAC's first Montreal Biennial and Between Body and Soul at the Leonard and Bina Ellen Gallery in 1998; as well as Of Fire and Passion at the Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal and YYZ's Home Invasion (Toronto), in 1997.

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Karilee Fuglem, Secret Visibility, 2002, acetate discs (.5 - 6 cm diameter), nylon threads (1 - 10 cm long); fans on timers Karilee Fuglem, Secret Visibility, 2002, acetate discs (.5 - 6 cm diameter), nylon threads (1 - 10 cm long); fans on timers

Karilee Fuglem, Untitled (snow/blind) 2002, ink-jet print on polyester, steel rod; fishing line; light on stand, 132 X 183 cm, edition of 2



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